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A growing family business

Photo de la martinique

Company Maxi Sec, founded more than 20 years ago, on May 10, 1989, emerged from a family history.

Its founder, Maxime de Reynal, native from Martinique, arrived in mainland France in 1954, as he was ten years old. His father thus began to launch an import business dealing with fruit and vegetables from the French West-Indies.

As he was immersed from his early life in the universe of central food markets, in Paris and then in Rungis, he logically decided to perpetuate the family tradition, launching an import business dealing with food products eaten in the Islands, as well in the Caribbean as in the Indian Ocean.

Maxi Sec's main purpose is to allow natives from Overseas to find products they were used to eating in their countries and to introduce the whole population to the art of living and traditional cuisine of tropical countries. The product ranges Maxi Sec has developed are aimed as well at people who miss their homeland as at adventurers or just curious persons.

Maxi Sec's values emerged from those two guidelines. This is still a human scale family company, with Maxime de Reynal's sons who took up the torch, but above all, this is a company that remains firmly focused on the future and in tune with the times.

As a dynamic company, Maxi Sec keeps on growing every year (+10% growth in 2011). The extension of its facilities - its warehouse (10,000 sq m / 107,640 sq ft) and its cash & carry - is programmed for 2012-2013.

"From the beginning of my working life, I have been focused on marketing products from my island, in order to introduce the widest audience to them."

Mr Maxime de Reynal – Maxi Sec's founder

Photo de l'équipe de Maxisec